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Mega News Viral is an emerging blog platform and we are actively looking to add talented individuals to write for us . If you have the ability to communicate through words effectively and create exceptional pieces of writing, Mega News Viral invites you to become part of our team by becoming part of our writer pool and showing off your exceptional writing abilities. All that’s required of you in order to contribute an article that captures our readers’ imagination is an engaging, captivating, thought-provoking article that sparks their interest.

At Mega News Viral, we embrace diversity as the foundation for creativity and success in any team environment. By welcoming in talents from various backgrounds and walks of life to add unique perspectives into our work and appeal to a broader audience with diverse interests, our aim is to entertain and engage as many individuals with content with fresh angles.
We would like to invite you to submit guest posts as guest bloggers on various niche topics – giving your writing abilities and creativity the spotlight they deserve! Here is where your guest posting opportunity lies:
As talented writers are crucial in the growth of Mega News Viral blog site, we eagerly look forward to welcoming talented writers onto our team. If you are interested in contributing exceptional and meticulously researched blog posts for us, bringing their unique perspective and skill set. Please familiarize yourself with the following guidelines before reaching out to Mega News Viral editor for consideration:
The following guidelines provide a clear understanding of our expectations and requirements from our writers. By adhering to these tips diligently, you increase your chances of being featured on our blog:

How to Submit Your Article?

Are You Looking Forward to Writing as a Guest Author on Mega News Viral’s Blog Site? Please feel free to submit your entries through our editor, by sending the article with relevant basic details (ie name of author, etc). For best results please keep your article concise and focused without providing too much or irrelevant details.
Once your article has been submitted, please be aware that our editor may take up to one month to review it and respond with their decision. In the interim, please show patience while waiting for their response as without one it’s likely your article has been declined due to valid reasons.

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Send us your proposals to our editor at meganewsv@gmail.com

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